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Drone Surveys

Timeless Technology are a CAA approved commercial drone service provider operating Multirotor UAV’s. Covering the whole of the UK.Whether you’re inspecting a new building or surveying a large construction site, it’s important to capture accurate data quickly, allowing safer solutions in inaccessible environments and producing manageable results.

Why use UAVs?

They are much quicker, safer, and more efficient for collecting large amounts of data or for areas that are inaccessible such as rooftops or congested construction sites. Using UAVs is also much more cost-effective for clients and produces a greater depth of information, such as high-resolution photography. Crucially, the data produced achieves an accuracy that is comparable to traditional laser scanning.

Key Benefits of Drone Surveys

Cost Effective 

3D Mapping

4K Resolution

Safe & Secure

Good Reach

Type of Surveys we offer 

Technical Applications 

  • Land surveying

  • Stockpile volumes

  • Earthworks cut and fill

  • Precise measurements

  • Terrain Modelling

  • 3D Point Cloud

  • 3D Building Modelling

From £400

Pouring Concrete from Above

Aerial Inspections 

  • Construction progress

  • Safety

  • Housekeeping

  • Building Facets

  • Roof

  • Infrastructure

  • Assets

From £400

Interesting Building

Promotional Applications 

  • 3D fly-through tours

  • Oblique images

  • HD still Images

  • HD video of sites

  • Promotional Packs with all the above


From £350

Picture 1.jpg
Operating a Drone

Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

Customer Satisfaction 

Contact us today 

Timeless Group

Phone: 020 8191 9942


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