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Construction Site

Timeless Workers Passport

Timeless Technology delivers innovation to the construction industry that no one else currently offers in the UK. 

Our Innovation is changing the way the construction industry operates to delivery time and value to clients. 

Timeless technology specialise in the amazing people that construct the future and make sure your sites have the best and the people are rewarded for the hard work they do

Out Dated Sign-up and Approval Process 

Operatives do not work in the optimal location

Data is not being recorded between Operatives & Companies


Personal and Professional Details all pre-approved

Site data will be taken to improve safety and efficiency

Automatically linked to optimal projects

Data will be collected to improve satisfaction and project performance 

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 13.55_edited.png


Pre-payroll Assessment, E-timesheets, E-Payslips and E-Pensions & Holiday 

Operatives' cards will be checked and monitored for renewal automatically 

Pre inductions will: Reduce paperwork, reduce site accidents, increase start time and quality 

Operatives' data and career progression recorded

Key Benefits 

App and Cloud based platform

Smart Watch site hardware

AI and Machine data learning 


Reduce Cost | Reduce Risk | Increase Productivity 

Contact us today 

Timeless Group

Phone: 020 8191 9942


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