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Piling Consultancy

The core team consist of experienced piling project managers, construction directors, plant managers, slingers, rig drivers and more. So when you speak to us, we completely understand the labour struggles, plant issues, methodology and the politics in between.

We have been providing piling consultancy and advice for many years - everything from what methodology to use dependant on ground conditions, to site constraints and budgets. Our wealth of knowledge has supported our clients in small projects, right up to starting completely new piling companies.

  • Rotary

  • CFA

  • CSP

  • Driven

  • Mini piling and restricted access 

  • Diaphragm wall & Plunge columns

  • King post

We offer Consultancy in the following disciplines 

Please contact us for Piling Consultancy 


Jason Light

Senior Piling Resource & Consultancy Manager

We will also support you with the hire of specific rigs, casing, augers and teeth, and with locating a plant fitters.

Timeless Group

Phone: 020 8191 9942


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